Rogue Review

Squirrel Media March 31/17

Rogue Review 

After making a good comeback with “Temper”, Puri has disappointed with his last film “Ism.” And he teamed up with debutant Ishan for “Rogue.” Considering that Puri had launched actors like Ram Charan (“Chirutha”), Puneeth Rajkumar (“Appu”), Rakshitha (“Idiot) and gave platform to actors like Ravi Teja, all eyes are on Puri and Ishan.


Chanti (Ishan) is a vagabond who has his heart in right place. Chanti is in deeply love with Anjali (Angela) but she turns him down and decides to marry a better guy (Subbaraju) who is financially more stable. Chanti loses his cool, turns violent and kicks 20 police personnel who are deployed for the protection of Anjali and her beau. Chanti injures one of the police constables (Sathyaraj) and breaks his legs. Chanti is sent to jail. After his sentence, he returns and he starts hating women.

As he had injured constable (Sathyaraj) who’s wheel-chair ridden, Chanti comes to the rescue of his poor family who is in dire need of financial help. Chanti turns a debt recover under a private lender Seth (Posani) and starts spending all his earnings to the constable’s family. Constable’s sister, also called Anjali (Mannara Chopra) hates Chanti but slowly learns his intentions and falls for him.

Meanwhile, there’s a psycho (Anup Singh Thakur) who escapes from jail. He was jailed after brutally killing a girl whom he ‘loved’ and another boy of her class. He develops enmity on Anjali (Mannara) who helped police in arresting him.

What forms rest is how Chanti deals with the psycho and saves Anjali, her family.
Newcomer Ishan has come up with an impressive show. He pulls off the whole film on his shoulders. Well, of course, Puri’s story and narrative come in handy. Ishan is certainly good find of Puri and going by his performance in the film, he has a bright future ahead. Mannara too is good. She’s easy on eyes. Anup as psycho is
Puri Jagannadh has a trademark style. 

He knows how to play to the galleries. Arguably, no other director of this age is better than Puri when it comes to assessing the pulse of masses, youths. Yet again, Puri delivers a youthful romantic drama that struck chord with youth. While it deals with love, lust, breakup and sacrifice, the USP of the film lies in its screenplay that makes it engaging to viewers. Puri’s powerful one-liners are the best. Ali’s humour, Mannara’s glam show have all worked in favour of the film.

Upto the interval, it’s a cake walk for Puri in enthralling audiences. However, post interval, the film drags. As the story unfolds, it gets predictable. Pre-climax and climax portions are better though.


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