Squirrel Media March ,30/17

The Great Father is the family thriller which stars Mammootty in the lead role.

The movie, which is directed by newcomer Haneef Adeni stars Sneha in the female lead. Tamil actor Arya plays a pivotal role. 
The Great Father is produced by Prithviraj, Santhosh Sivan, Shaji Nadesan, and Arya, for August Cinema.
David Ninan is a builder by profession. He is happily married to Michelle, and the couple has a daughter, named Sara. David and Michelle’s peaceful life turns upside down after an unfortunate incident, which severely affects their daughter.

Then enters Andrews Eapen, the Superintendent of Police of the city, who eventually develops a connection with David Ninan. What happens next in the lives of David and his daughter Sara thickens the plot.

It discusses a super serious social issue with the necessary depth. The director had told earlier that it won’t be a mass movie. He is true but this family thriller has a number of sequences where the audience gets excited along with emotions.

Sneha who returned to the Mollywood with Ore Mukham last year has bagged applauds for her performance as Michelle David. Her appearance itself has an eminence and her enacting as David Ninan’s wife made it more elegant especially with the emotional sequences. Baby Anikha who essays the role of Sara .

A differently treated thriller with the base of a family background, The Great Father finds the core with the story backup and the director Haneef Adeni takes the full credit as the one who penned it. Roby Varghese Raj has not missed anything that is exciting with his camera and the mass sequences were extraordinary. 
Do not miss this mass entertainer with a solid emotional staple because it focuses on the struggles that anyone can have in their life and David Ninan shows how he has overcome such an aching moment in his life.


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