Kuttram 23 Review 

Kuttram 23 Movie Review 
Arun Vijay is one talented actor who is yet to find his deserved recognition. However, Kuttram 23 could be the much needed break he had waited for.

Based on Rajesh Kumar’s series of novels, director Arivazhagan has given a crispy medical thriller movie.

The movie opens with the twin murder of a priest and the wife of a leading television channel CEO who came to the church to confess.

IPS officer Arun Vijay is appointed as the special officer to investigate the case. During the process the hero finds a hidden medical crime happening in the name of artificial insemination that a lot of pregnant women are continuously committing suicide.

Was the hero able to crack the case is said in an interesting engaging manner.

Arun Vijay has carried the role of an energetic cop with utmost care. His shredded physique, classy mannerism and sharp look fit apt for the role. Apart from all these, he has shown a variety of emotions.

Stunt Silva has understood the potential of Arun Vijay and has given more scope to showcase that talent especially in the hand to hand action sequence in the apartment.

Thambi Ramaiah who is Arun Vijay’s assistant excels with his one liners and in the scene where he covers Arun’s emotional murder is top notch.

Mahima is cute and makes the audience believe in her character. Arvind Akash and Vamsi Krishna as the antagonist had understood the meatiness of their roles and have performed accordingly.

Another big strength of the flick is the background score by Vishal Chandrasekar and with only one song there is no hindrance in the flow of the flick .

Bhaskaran’s visuals need special mention while Bhuvan Srinivasan has given some crisp cuts with his editing.


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