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Verdict Commando 2 is strictly for Vidyut Jammwal fans and for those who have a thing for action-fests…..

This time, the reins of Commando 2 lies in the hands of Deven Bhojani who is known for his comic timing on the Indian television. One must say that the debutante director has pulled off a good job in his first film. Unfortunately, it’s the narrative and the paltry dialogues that weigh down his efforts.

Story :

Captain Karanvir Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jammwal), our invincible Commando is now a part of a special cell. This time, he is assigned to assist the PMO’s mission of bringing back the black money that has been siphoned offshore. It all begins when India’s most wanted Black Money agent, Vicky Chaddha and his wife Maria (Esha Gupta) get arrested in Malaysia and are kept in a safe house by the Malaysian authorities.

Vidyut Jammwal’s brawny torso and arms seem to have a life of their own as he performs the hand-to-hand combats and the gravity-defying stunts with such ease that you couldn’t help but marvel at his dare-devilry on screen. Adah Sharma is supposed to be a encounter specialist. But all you get to see her doing is talk about shopping, clicking selfies and giving ‘chapkaas’. She comes across more as a dimwit with an irritating Hyderabadi accent that puts you off. Freddy Daruwala doesn’t look convincing as an ACP and fails to impress with his poker face minus any expressions. After a dismal performance in last year’s release Rustom, Esha Gupta make a vampy comeback on screen. This time, it’s her fitting gowns and stilletos than her acting histronics that draw more of your attention. Adil Hussain and Sheefali Shah do their job as the script demands them to do.

The bright spot of Commando 2 is Vidyut Jammwal’s swift, neat action moves and aerial aerobics that save the day. Unfortunately, it’s the other poorly-sketched characters that fail to stay with you. Chirantan Das’ cinematography captures the bone-crushing action and bloodied fist-fights quite well and the brisk pace of the film works in its favour.

Verdict Commando 2 is strictly for Vidyut Jammwal fans and for those who have a thing for action-fests $


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