Kamal Hassan About Vishwaroopam 2


Its not a vegetable store 

KamalHassan about delay of Vishwaroopam 2

Kamal Haasan’s much talked-about movie Vishwaroopam is nowhere close to releasing. The reason being is that the film’s producer Oscar Ravi hasn’t been able to provide funds required to pay the long pending salaries of the film’s crew and cast. Kamal Haasan who lost his cool on the issue said, “This is a film, not a vegetable stall.”

“I have six months of post-production work on the project left. My producer Aascar Ravi was busy bringing Arnold Schwarzenneger to release a Tamil film’s music and even busier buying rights for distribution of various films. Till he pays his due, the film stays mine on contract,” said Kamal Haasan sarcastically. 

Kamal Haasan also said that he is willing to let go of his own remuneration, but cannot forego his movie’s crew fee.  “We meet regularly and there’s no indication of any animosity regarding Vishwaroopam. It’s just that he’s busy with other ventures. For us, it is years of hard work. For him, it’s just one more business venture. Mr. Oscar wants us to cut our budgets but we cannot cut on budgets unless people are paid their pending salaries. This is a film, not a vegetable stall,” said Kamal Haasan.    


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