RESIDENT EVIL The Final Chapter Review

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.Resident Evil

RESIDENT EVIL franchise has seemingly exhausted all its possibilities. One hopes this one is actually the final chapter and whether the world is free from zombies or not, Hollywood must lay some of its film franchises to rest leaving no room for their resurrection. Franchise films of sci-fi genre turn audiences as well as their ideators and creators into zombies. Hollywood must kill the franchise film virus to revitalize its creative instincts. It will serve the humanity and cinema well.

The film begins with a flashback about how T-Virus came into existence and the villain Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Iain Glen) abused it to destroy the world population. He wanted to establish a new world order later by releasing an anti-dote preserved in a Hive underneath the ruins of Raccoon City. The release of the anti-dote will destroy T-Virus and the marauding zombies affected by it.

Alice (Milla Jovovich), our heroine, must reach the Hive, get hold of the anti-dote, and release it to save the humanity that has somehow, thus far, survived the T-Virus. The problem is even she has T-Virus in her blood and though the humanity will survive, the anti-dote will kill all those affected by it. However, before Alice reaches the Hive and succeeds in laying her hands on the anti-dote, she has to go through an obstacle course, a kind of a mission impossible situation, and she has a time limit too. Of course she will get help from unexpected sources and allies, and will have to go through a maze of indistinguishable real and virtual entities. Will she succeed? And even if she does, what will she do when faced with the hardest choice and dilemma anyone can ever face – survival of humanity or one’s own?

You know how it plays out. It’s a routine ‘B’ grade film with a genuine ‘A’ grade action star. Milla Jovovich looks exhausted in this one though. It must be tough for her to carry on the burden of this franchise for so long.

It’s a competently made time pass film that offers nothing new and exciting to the audience.


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