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Bogan starring Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy and Hansika in lead roles, released today.

The movie begins with Jayam Ravi, a honest cop, shooting a few goons as part of an operation. Eventually he ends up meeting Hansika and falls for her.

Only after twenty minutes, Arvind Swamy, a con man, comes to the frame. One of his con acts leads to the rivalry between him and Ravi which is the crux of the story.

In the beginning the movie may look like a normal cop story but then it actually has a fantasy element to it which is certain to keep the audience engaged in the first half but gradually loses its fizz towards the end.

Transmigration of the souls has come back on the silver screen quite sometime after Chinna Vaathiyar.

The director has to be given credit for coming up with an intelligent story line, however the execution could have been even more better.

Despite the logical loopholes the characterisation of the villain is well written.

Both Arvind Swami and Jayam Ravi have made their presence felt especially in the post transmigration scenes.

Hansika on the other hand as a homemaker is bubbly and completes the glamour coefficient.

D Imman’s background score adds the needed thrust for the movie, however only the Damaal Dumeel song is catchy than the others.

On the whole, Bogan is an interesting movie in parts and is technically rich.


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